Thursday, November 7, 2013

this week

over the past week I've encountered:

- a sick, clingy baby battling a stomach bug who only wanted to be held
              {so sweet.... but sure does take a lot out of you.}

-a baby who got better just in time for my mom and I to go on our annual road trip
             {wooo hooooo!!! mama needs a break!}

- a great day shopping with my mom for our "you're a good person!" trip
                {meaning... you're a good person, you deserve that new ______ {purse, watch, shirt, shoes...}
                {meaning... this costs my dad big bucks ;}

- my mom coming down with said stomach bug, while we are in a hotel and 4 hours from home
                {the stomach bug my kid gave to her.}
                 {4 hours from home. hotel. so awful.}

- going to my cardiology appointment alone for the first time in 29 years
               {turns out I'm a big girl and I can handle it.}
               {it helped that I had on my new awesome shoes.}
               {I still didn't like it though.}

- hearing my doctor say my heart looks great
            {even though I'm feeling good, I always get nervous of bad news before an appointment}

- driving home 4 hours in pouring rain with a sick patient
            {awful, just awful.}

- new granite countertops being installed in our kitchen
             {they are so, so, so beautiful.}
             {installation is messy though.}
             {so much mess to clean up.}

- anyone want to come clean up my kitchen and hold my clingy baby so I can go nap?

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