Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 on Friday

1. We have survived Griffin's first stomach bug.

Griff got sick last night as we were about to leave church and then threw up several times through out the course of the night. Y'all, sick babies are just the worse. Poor guy was basically dry heaving for most of the night and would scream his head off through most of it but there just wasn't much to do to make it better. We spent most of the day resting and trying to get some fluids down and are praying that we have turned a corner.

Motherhood truly changes a person. It's amazing what your child can spit up on you that once would make you gag too! :)

2. Sadly, having a sick boy meant that we had to sit out on going to our church's Trunk or Treat.  We put G's costume on him just to snap a few pics. Even though he was under the weather, you have to admit: this is one cute giraffe!!


3.  One of my friends posted about this on facebook the other day so I thought I would give it a try.


I rarely ever buy these, but y'all, THIS IS DELICIOUS. I spread a little bit on an english muffin and had it with eggs for dinner and it took everything in me not to go and eat it by the scoopful. I think it would be great dip with fruit and graham crackers. Now, all I need to know is if cream cheese spread freezes so I can create a stockpile!

4.  I listed a new print in my Etsy shop last week and made one for myself to hang in our play area.


I love the process of "seeing" something in my head and having it come to life and get so excited when I finally get it in hand. This one turned out even better than I dreamed and I can't wait to hang it up!

5.  Tomorrow marks November 1st and one of the best days in the history of my town: our Super Walmart opens up!!!! When we first found out we were possibly going to be moving here, we came to check out the town. I vividly remember driving around and going, "Yes! They have a Walmart, I can make it!" Turns out I was totally wrong. Ours is not a Super Walmart, meaning it didn't have any produce and was actually missing a lot of other things {including my face wash, primer, then q-tips, light bulbs and batteries now that they've stopped stocking it and sending stuff to the new store.}

Griff and I made one last trip to our ghetto mart this week to say our goodbyes:


And hopefully tomorrow we'll make our debut trip to the store just to walk around and see what all we can buy now... It's a great day people!


  1. So sorry Griffin was sick! Sick babies are absolutely no fun! He made a cute giraffe though!

    And yay for getting a super walmart!

  2. You would be excited about Wal-Mart. You're white trash.


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