Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Midweek Confessions - HS Reunion Style

Um... sorry to fall off the face of the blog planet last week! I left Thursday morning to go home for my 10 year HS reunion.  I was a class officer way back in the day so we've been working on planning this event since mid-summer and I'm thankful to have it behind us now.  And now,  here are my confessions/reflections from the weekend:

- high school students: if you are at all interested in becoming an officer your senior year which will then require you to plan a reunion ten years later, DON'T DO IT!!! you may think it will be worth it to put it on your resume as you apply for scholarships and colleges, but it's not. trust me. because eventually it will just be one big headache trying to pick a date that can work for all 275 students {impossible} and only half of the 50 people who signed up will actually show up. {losers.} {kidding.} {kind of.}

- everyone can give a big "hallelujah amen!" that almost all of us who showed up look relatively the same and seemed to be within ten pounds of our h.s weight. well, except for the one who is now living in new york and looks like a dad gum model, but we won't let her break the curve for the rest of us who have had kids!

- despite the fact that a lot of us are at least facebook friends and "keep up" with each other, there is a ridiculous amount of pressure to pick outfits for an event like this. I am ashamed to admit that my inner seventh grade girl got the best of me at times and I chickened out of a cute outfit that included an adorable hat.  funny how it's easy to be confident in your current life but hard to do in your previous.

- as seen in last week's confessions, I had plans to print out everyone's senior picture that was attending. {partially so that we would hopefully remember who we were and mostly because they're really funny.} as I went to walmart to pick them up, the photo lady wouldn't give them to me. turns out it's breaking two copyrights to print them: both from the yearbook and the photographers. major bummer.  lucky for me though, another store in town has a photo booth where they just print straight out and didn't check them so I was able to secure our entertainment for the night.  {please don't t turn me in for breaking copyright laws. I promise they were all thrown away at the end of the night!}

- the problem with handing out pictures to people is that I knew there was a chance I wouldn't recognize someone. so I spent a good deal of time looking over names and faces so I wouldn't somehow end up embarrassing myself. we sorted the pictures by first name and I was doing really good passing them out.  until the one girl who's face I've been struggling with walked up. she looked like an ashley in our class, but I knew she wasn't ashley. so I sat there {in front of a big crowd mind you} fumbling over, "oh man, how did we organize these? I can't remember I'm having trouble figuring them out." praise the lord the other workers who were helping me were smart enough to not yell out "they are by first name!" which only confirmed that I was not at all smooth in trying to cover up the fact that I couldn't remember her name.  ay yai yai.

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and in no relation to midweek confessions, here's a freebie print I made to celebrate the start of october!

i'll never forget several years ago when kelly posted about her pumpkin patch days,  specifically the times in her life when she longed so much for them and how enjoyable they are now that she's finally living them. it struck a cord with me at the time with the wishing and hoping we were doing for a family and also seemed to touch several of my blog friends, as they commented on it too. they were going through a really rough time too and I've spent many nights praying for their pumpkin patch days to come.

guess what? those that I have prayer for have literally put up pictures in the pumpkin patch and are now living the dream they waiting for. and it just makes my heart so happy to see how happy they are. so, i'm not sure if you're living your pumpkin patch days or dreaming of them, but here's a print to keep you encouraged along the path!



{it's a pdf that can be downloaded and then printed off, in case you're wondering!}

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  1. Aww I just love your blog, 2 nd week reading and I'm adding you by gfc! Copyright schmopyright I say, i mean really what did she think you were going to do with them!?!? Love your print, glad you had fun! Going to the punk in patch on say: )

  2. 1. You crack me up. Promise your copyright secret is just between you and the blogosphere.
    2. You also make me smile so big and cry big, fat tears. I love your heart, girl. Pumpkin Patch days definiately are worth the wait. Trust in the Lord - Jeremiah 29:11 He is faithful, His grace is sufficient and His plans are SO much better than ours ever could be!

  3. I adore that you found a way around that dumb copyright law. This is why we're friends :)

  4. Walmart is so bad in so many ways, but they are STICKLERS for that copyright stuff. Always have been! Thank goodness for photo kiosks now!

    Found you at the midweek confessions link up. :)

    - Ronni


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