Saturday, September 21, 2013

Six on Saturday & #6SecondsFlat

1. Our weekend started off with a bang yesterday as we celebrated our first Snyder Homecoming. Well, some of us celebrated :) Cody met with a student and then went to the pep rally, with Griff and I planning to come after he woke up from his nap. Turns out he and I both ended up taking two hour naps. Oops! It was cool, rainy and overcast all day though... it would have been a shame to waste that napping weather!

2. I think we can all agree that I had the cutest homecoming date in the whole town:


3. As {kinda} seen above, it was cool enough for me to pull out my mustard gold pants to wear to the game.  It hit me as I was decking out in my finest black and gold, that it must have been divine providence that day I picked up these pants in J. Crew. The Lord knew I would some day need them to match the school colors :)

4. Speaking of getting dressed, we had a heck of a time finding something for the little man to wear to the game!  As I started stocking up on fall clothes for him, I have bought a lot of 18 M shirts and received a lot of 18 M jeans from the thrift store thanks to Bami, thinking he would grow into them and they would only be a little too big. Yeah... Griff currently  has one pair of 9 M jeans that fit him perfectly! {so you can imagine how he's swimming in the 18 M!} Looks like he'll be able to grow into those for quite some time!

5. To remedy G's pant situation, we headed off to the nearest Super Walmart in a neighboring small town.  Sweetwater is just as small as we are, but they have more restaurants and such because they are right off of the interstate.  We were able to pick up Griff his first pair of Wranglers so that boy has something else to wear! {don't worry, they're slim cut and uber stylish! they even had colored skinny jeans I was tempted to get for him!}

6.  While in the "big city" we stopped and treated ourselves to Wendy's. It was a nice change of pace from the few options we have here in Snyder. I've actually tried the flat bread months ago when I was at home with my mom and was thankful to see they brought it back! Griff and I enjoyed sharing the Asiago Ranch {he LOVED the bacon!} and thought we'd join in on the #6SecondsFlat videos:

Lucky for you, Wendy's is giving away $6,000 to one lucky participant! Click HERE to see more #6SecondsFlat videos and to submit yours for a chance to win $6k! Can you imagine how many Frosty's that will buy you????    :) 

A special thanks to Wendy's for sponsoring today's Six on Saturday post!


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