Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WIWW : The Great Belt Debate

guess what y'all?

I actually put on real outfits every single day for the past seven days! I'm pretty sure this is the first week this has happened since I stopped working. It is definitely something to be celebrated. It would, however, be easier to celebrate if I actually had taken pictures of each outfit! {wah wah wahhhhhhh.}
Sadly, on several of my get dressed days, I need to be leaving right when Cody gets home from work to go to a work out class, so I've already changed and didn't get the pictures taken. From here on out I'll probably be relying on some more iPhone selfies to properly document seven full outfits!



top {old} jeans {new} : both from loft
shoes: j. roberts in ruidoso, nm

I literally put on this outfit to lay around my house and clean the bathrooms. Thursday was Cody's day off this week so it was a little bit lazy and I knew if I didn't get dressed, I probably wouldn't get anything done. You'll be happy to know that I did put on an apron to protect my clothes so that any cleaning supplies wouldn't hurt my new jeans. {Priorities.}  These are a modern skinny fit from Loft and are seriously the best ever. I wore them Thursday and Friday and already know I should buy another pair because I will live in them this fall. 


pants: target
wedges: jc penney 

Yeah... I should really take more pictures of my outfits to make it less obvious when I re-wear something :) Since I only had it on for a little while for being lazy on Thursday though, it seemed to easy to re-wear it for church on Sunday!  This does lead to a little debate though:

 belt or no belt?

DSC_0806     DSC_0797

I like it belted better, though it would look best with a colored belt. {with of course, the lazy day belt exemption that "isn't it enough that I got dressed today? must you people also expect a belt out of me?!?!" meaning, somedays you just need flowy and free!} 


photo 1.JPG

dress: loft
sandles: target

this picture here is proof of why I probably shouldn't resort to iPhone selfies. I would at least like to point out that my laundry is folded on the bed, and the mess on the floor is items griff drug out through the day that does get picked up at night. 

and if one mirror selfie wasn't enough, I did walk over to the window and take another picture in the natural light to show you a better idea of the color the dress. {I feel like one of our junior high students!} 

photo 2.JPG

check out the pleated poppy for more wiww!

pleated poppy



  1. I agree that that shirt benefits from a belt! And your turquoise sandals are very pretty!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  2. I like the belted look, although I hear ya on needing a flowy and free days! I also really like your bed comforter!!

  3. You are GORGEOUS! LOVE the belted look + your hair :)

  4. You made me realize I need to wear belts more often! Great look!


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