Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Sweet Boy,

Happy first birthday!  It just blows my mind that at this moment last year, your dad and I were sitting in the hospital, trying to relax and daydreaming about who you would like look.  You have made the past year the absolute best year of our lives. There's absolutely no way that we could have ever imagined how much fun you would bring to our life. Just today we all shared a deep belly laugh as you took a few steps towards me and then BAM! purposefully belly flopped onto the floor to crawl off to your next activity. You keep us on our toes every single day and I wouldn't have it any other way!

You made the transition into parenthood as easy as it ever could have been. You only cried if you were hungry or wet, you went back to sleep during the middle of the night, you traveled easy, you were happy being held by anyone. You have grown into a happy boy who has since added in crying when you don't get your way, but other than that, you still sleep well, you enjoy traveling with us and you are a social butterfly who enjoys play dates and spending time in the nursery at church. You're finishing out your first year with 5 teeth (your sixth is justalmost through), you have taken your first steps and definitely can walk, crawling is just so much quicker. {we are amazed at your lightening speed!} You are into everything and I spend most of my day following you around picking up whatever you just pulled out or at least keeping you from major harm. {Today it was the scissors, which you cried when I wouldn't let you play with them.} Getting to stay home with you every day is such a gift. We have our moments,  but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Last week as I was rocking you before bed, you closed your eyes and had your lips just slightly open as you drifted off to sleep.  It took my breath away and I traveled back to the many nights I rocked with my tiny newborn. I always hoped that someday I would get to be a mother, yet I never could have imagined what a joy it would be to be your mother.  You are the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me.  I've seen it said so many times in the past few weeks: the days go slow but the years so quickly.  There have never been more truer words spoken. We'll blink and it will be kindergarten, then second grade, walking into junior high... let's not even go on! I pray that God will continue to give us wisdom to help you grow into a strong, wise, loving, kind boy who seeks Him in all that you do.  Your dad and I love you so very, very much sweet boy. Here's to our next great year!





as I finished up this post, this Carter's commercial came on. I'm done for! 

{many thanks to cody too, who made today, my birthday, just as special as as we did for griffin. today and always tomorrow!} 


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy (And HB2U too Abby!)!!! Your collages are adorable!

  2. What a cutie! It is hard to believe how quickly kids grow - my baby girl turned 6 on Friday and it feels like just yesterday we brought her home:)

    Pink Chai Style


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