Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bami's Pumpkin Party

I come from a long line of over-achievers. There is a reason I like to decorate and try to go that extra step. It's because my mom did it and her mom did it. So anytime my mom gets onto me and says I need to be resting or that I'm doing to much, I just tell her it's her own fault!

Bami's Pumpkin Party is one of those area's of over-achievement, in the best possible way! Several years ago Bami hosted her first party for the great-grandkids and it has since become an October tradition. She goes above and beyond with cute decorations, food to match the theme, fun games and of course, pumpkins to carve!  Up until this point, I've actually only enjoyed the party through pictures, as I've always been traveling for work and couldn't make it home to go. Once I realized that I would still be out on maternity leave for the month of October, I quickly begged Bami to make sure it was going to be on a night that we could go so Griffin wouldn't miss his first party!

Griffin and I loaded up in the car a week ago Sunday and headed off for the panhandle for the party on Monday. Listen y'all, traveling with a baby is no joke. I felt like I was taking our whole house the car was so full! Griffin did pretty good in the car, sleeping most of the way. We made it about 15 minutes from home when he let me know that he was tired of the carseat. There wasn't a darn thing I could do to make him feel better, so I just turned up the radio and prayed the miles went quickly!

Monday afternoon rolled around and we headed over to see Bami cooked up for the party! See what I told you about food to match the theme? The cupcakes were adorable, along with ghost cheese bread,  and Nutter Butter fingers.  {nutter butters dipped in almond bark with a jelly bean fingernail. one of the great grands proclaimed - that fingernail just ruined my appetite!}


There was plenty of standing around and snacking before it was time to get to business - the pumpkin carving! Bamps and Bami have been doing this long enough that they've figured out a few things... including cutting out the designs with a jigsaw! As you can tell from this top picture, the boys have figured out a few things too... like letting the mom's do all the work of cleaning out the pumpkins!

{me, bami, bamps, my counsins micah & erin. don't you love our wigs!}
erin's boys david {L} and titan {R} in their wigs //  the cousins MANY years ago at one of bamps and bami's original pumpkin parties {my brother is on the left and i'm second from the right} // bami with micah's son cash, checking out the hand and spiders in the punch


bamps and bami's six wonderful great grandsons, showing off their creations! L to R is griffin, cash, titan, barrett, david and brody. next year jaxson will be in the mix too. and maybe one of these days we'll get a girl in the mix :) // bami and griffin, all tuckered out from too much fun // me, bami and mom // bamps rocking his afro! //  "mom, why do you let them do this to me?" // bamps and griff


It was such a fun night catching up with a few of my cousins and introducing Griffin to a lot of my family members.  Thanks for all of the work you put into the party Bami! We're so glad we got to be there!


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