Friday, September 21, 2012

insta- friday

i spy... 

maternity clothes packed up and ready to be shared with the next in line @whitty_elya!

maternity clothes packed up and ready to share with a friend...

mr. griff's first day at the gathering today - no tears or crying... I'd call that a success!

one happy baby after his first sunday at church...

some people pay big money to get their hair to do this!

spiky hair that some people would pay good money to copy...
3 weeks old today! it only seems right to celebrate with cuddles.

celebrating a sweet three week old with morning cuddles...

here at the salon for griff's first hair appointment. {mine, not his!}

a little one's first trip to the hair salon...
{for mom!}

by the time these are gone, I will have had 1 and @codyneinast will have had 5. he doesn't want to lose the pregnancy weight before me :)

cookies that will change your life...

after bath snuggles.

and the sweetest little face.

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life rearranged

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