Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six On Sunday

1. Check one more thing off the before baby to - do list: a hair cut for a certain someone!

  hard day at the groomer's, but someone is now ready for griffin's arrival!

We normally groom him ourselves, but a friend told us who they used {Robbie's in Abilene in case you are local and need somewhere.} They charge $28 for a shih tzu as compared to $45 at Pets Mart and I convinced Cody that our time was worth that much to not have to deal with it. You know what was also worth the $28? The fact that Kota was so worn out from his day of grooming that he pretty much laid around all weekend long. Sigh... that's my dream dog right there!

2. I told Cody today that I feel like I'm living in the movie Groundhog Day, except every single day is Christmas Eve day and it's a never ending cycle waiting for Christmas. That's what being 38 weeks pregnant feels like. Every ache and pain makes up jump and think, "is this it?!?!" but no... you go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again!

  little man has a coming home outfit. now if he would just decide to bless us with his presence!

3. I finished up Griffin's coming home outfit last night! As cute as some of the outfits are out there, it didn't' seem worth paying big bucks for a newborn outfit that he wouldn't fit in that long. So I made this simple tie onesie and baby leg warmers and am calling it good. I know I probably need to find a back up though, as when my parents were leaving the hospital with my brother in a white outfit, he had an explosive yellow diaper that went everywhere. Better be prepared for history to repeat itself just in case!

4. My work threw a birthday party for me last week, which ended up being a surprise baby shower for us! We got lots of diapers and necessities, along with a few cute outfits. It was really sweet of them to do it & I know it took a lot of work on Crystal's part. Made me even more thankful for the job I have!

5. You know when you know you're an adult? When you go buy new home and auto insurance and you are actually excited about it. We've been with Progressive for both and have mostly been happy with them but got news that our home insurance was not only going up $650 a year, but that our new plan would have a separate $5,000 wind and hail damage deductible. Um, we live in Texas. Outside of the rare freak fire accident here and there, wind and hail damage is what happens to houses. We ended up switching to Farmer's Insurance and will save about $800 on our home insurance. If you're looking for someone to use, I can pass along the agent's name as we were super impressed with them! Plus, we can now take the Progressive Snapshot tracker out of our cars so it will stop beeping at us {cough cough me} when I suddenly brake.

6. My parents have informed me that I am no longer allowed to text and I have to speak in short, no emotion sentences unless I am telling them it's baby time. All because when I was talking to my dad on Friday and he asked what we were doing, I said, "Actually..." and then paused. In the 4 second pause I think he was already running to the back of the house to grab his bag and hit the road! Sigh, it sure will be nice when people will call to just check on me and see how I'm doing, without motive to find out if Griffin is ready to make his appearance! Oh wait... that will never ever happen again! :)

That was highlights from my week, what about you?


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  1. Oh Abby! I love G's coming home outfit! Just so you know...Lila's was HUGE on her even though it was NB size. In fact, she could still wear it at 5 months. As for people checking on you, hopefully it will get better, but be prepared for it to only be about the little one for a while. About 1 month after Lila was born I actually had to ask my mom to look at ME and hug ME when I came in the door to her house instead of just going straight to the baby... told her I was glad she was happy to see Lila, but she still needed to be happy to see me too or I'd stop coming over because it was hurting my feelings. She now greets me every time. :) I do hope you are doing okay. Excited for the big day!


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