Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six on Saturday

1.  I planned on doing Insta-Friday yesterday and after looking through my photos, realize this was pretty much the only photo I took this week:


That would be a tiny gecko climbing on the outside of my window. The main reason I thought it was special is because it's the first lizard I've ever seen that was growing back it's tail! I called Cody to have him come look at it but he didn't find it nearly as cool as I did.

2. Last night was a super rough night. I really thought we were going to end up going to Labor & Delivery. I had several sharp pains at work yesterday afternoon and then from about 7-12 felt like my whole stomach was tense and painful. I wasn't really able to track any contractions/braxton hicks, but something was definitely off. I went to bed hoping that rest would make it go away, but then ended up waking up at 6 with some lower pelvic pressure. Later in the morning Griff got hiccups and I realized that top of my stomach was now moving when he hiccuped; I was no longer feeling them in my lower stomach like I normally do. Coupled with the lower part of my belly moving in ways that the top of my belly normally does,  I am pretty sure my pain from last night was from him moving to where he is no longer head down.  This won't be confirmed till my appointment on Tuesday, but it is disappointing because we're on the down hill side of things. All that to say, last night was scary and painful!

3. Speaking of downhill side of things... tomorrow marks ONE MONTH till a certain little man's arrival. Yikes!

4. We have made some great progress this weekend though in preparation for our last month.  I made a car seat cover last night, washed baby clothes,  Cody got the rocker painted and finished stripping the dresser so it can now be painted. Here's hoping we finish it up tomorrow!

5. We watched the opening ceremony last night while working on nursery projects. Which was very surreal considering that during the 2008 Olympics, we were newlyweds watching on our tiny tv with bunny ears.  Considering we are so high class with DVR now, we've come a long way!

6. I painted my toe nails tonight and it became perfectly clear: it is either time to have Cody start painting them for me or switch exclusively to pedicures. I would certainly be ok with pedicures :)

That's my six for today... what's going on in your world?



  1. 1) I'm with you! Thats pretty cool. (And seems just the nerdy kind of thing Cody would like!)

    2) Ouff. Praying for you and little G!

  2. 1. I've never seen a lizard grow back a tail. I just assumed they ran away and died. This makes me very happy to learn I was wrong.
    2. Baby can continue flip-flopping up until time to deliver. :( Sorry it was scary. They can always try to turn him if he doesn't get back in position though.
    3. SO EXCITED!!! Oh..and I finally finished that last gift. hehe.


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