Sunday, June 10, 2012


Oh. My.

What a weekend.

(that seems to be a theme around these parts!)

We're currently holed up in our bedroom watching Food Network Star with about 4 different fans going trying to help things cool off. It is SO HOT in Texas right now and our house seems to be a victim of the heat. Cody's going to have a few things checked out this week. Hopefully nothing major is wrong and it is just a result of it being 104 degrees outside.

We have spent the weekend slaving away with my parents and knocking many things off of the "Before Griffin Arrives To Do List!" We made some major headway this weekend and I am feeling much better about this boy's arrival. (Even though it still better be a while!) Pictures to come soon!

What I really wanted to update on is our doctor's appointment on Friday. We met with another specialist from Children's Medical Center to have a follow up visit from our appointment in April.  Griffin was much more complying this time and hardly moved at all. (Like at first I was a little nervous because it was such a different boy than what we see normally!) It was also a different doctor this time and while he was very nice, he didn't talk much and tell us if what he was seeing was normal, so it was hard to know what the atmosphere of the appointment really was.

Thankfully, our little man's heart is looking great at this time! At the end of the appointment the doctor did briefly go over everything he saw with us and said there's no need for concern right now, but there are some things they can't see on the sonogram that could still end up being problems. However, these are issues that any newborn baby could have, not just Griffin because I have a heart condition. So, if he has a murmur or our pediatrician picks up on any concerns, we may end up having to see a specialist after he's born, but right now we have no reason to have another follow up appointment with a specialist.

I wish I could say that was a good ending to our Friday, but it was only the beginning of a busy weekend! We headed off to a quick dinner at Rosa's and then spent a good hour in Home Depot picking up all of the supplies we needed for our projects. My parents then arrived late that night. After catching up over Sonic half price shakes,  we headed to bed to rest up!

Coming tomorrow... a sneak peek into our nursery!


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