Friday, June 22, 2012

{insta-friday 20}

missed call from @chickfila. I'm guessing they heard what a loyal customer I am & want to give me free food!

missed a call from chick fil a. of course i could only assume they were calling to thank me for being such a loyal customer and offering free food! 

Back in our beloved Honda soaking up the AC!!

back in our beloved honda with working ac and the biggest blessing of all.

it seems as if i have lost my pillow. someone believes it is a better fit for them.

goldilocks and the just right pillow

I'll Love You Forever {new print in the shop!}

new prints in the shop

next time I will double check that the price tag is off before I put the frame back together!

here's hoping i remember to take off the price tage {which was on the inside of the glass!} before i put the whole picture back together! 

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  1. Yay for AC! We're going to get up to 101 today. UGH!


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