Wednesday, June 20, 2012

29 Weeks


Size of Baby: According to Baby Center, our little man is about the size of a butternut squash! His head is getting bigger every day {an ego already?!} and takes about 250 milligrams of calcium a day into his hardening skeleton.

Symptoms: - I certainly feel like I am growing everyday! It's so funny to look back at pictures and remember thinking that I felt so big then... and that tiny bump is nothing compared to now!
The third trimester tiredness has definitely set in. It is quite a challenge to make it through the day without a nap. I'm afraid this will only get worse!

 Cravings/Aversions: - Water has become a problem again, but other than that nothing specific that I'm craving.

 Maternity Clothes: - Still rocking both maternity and normal clothes. I ventured into Ross this weekend to look for a new pair of athletic shorts and found out that they carry maternity clothes! {the top pictured above is from there.} I got some nice leggings and super long camis, along with a few tops and shorts. It was a much needed boost of clothing encouragement!

 Sleep: - Still sleeping high maintenance style with lots of pillows, but at least I'm sleeping!  I do have a slight problem though. I use this small pillow behind my back to keep me from rolling over and sleeping on my back without knowing it. Unfortunately, Goldilocks has decided that this pillow is just the right size and keeps taking it from me!

it seems as if i have lost my pillow. someone believes it is a better fit for them.

 Funniest Dream Of This Week: - I am not sure how we ended up there, but Cody and I went to New York and then were driving back to my parent's house in Texas. The funny thing was that we were driving in my first car - a '94 Dodge Shadow.  Here's a visual for you:

{only mine was white with pink, purple and teal pinstripes!} 

It was a standard in the dream,  just like mine was.  Luckily I was still a pro at driving it, though I did struggle a little bit on the hills :)  I do remember thinking that I couldn't believe we were going to drive that many hours, wondering how many bathroom trips it would take and trying to figure out why Cody didn't put my pillows in the car to help with my rib pain! I was definitely laughing and very thankful to wake up from this dream!

 Highlights Of This Week:   - Celebrating Cody on Father's Day with a good meal, a nap and The Avengers. There's nothing more fun than sitting with your giddy, giggling husband and baby going crazy in your belly to make for a great afternoon! Seriously, it was unbelievable how much Griffin was moving during the show. While I know it was because of the noise of the theatre, Cody loves to believe it's because we are growing our own Avenger!

- Realizing that Griffin recognizes my touch. He has been moving like crazy and kicks in response when I touch. Sadly, Little Man seems to still get a little shy and doesn't kick in response to Cody's touch. We're working on it though!

Looking forward to: A mini vacation! Cody and I get to travel together, and yes, we'll be working, but at least we get to get out of the city! {and we'll be riding in style in a mini van :}

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  1. Abby don't worry about your sweet baby not recognizing Cody's touch right now. Grace did the same thing for a while. But the only thing she did recognize was her Daddys warmness (body temp). I used to snuggle up next to him and put my tummy at the curve of his back before I went to sleep. As I entered my final weeks of pregnancy, when I would snuggle, she would move close to his warmth and kick him. Then after she was born...she loved laying on Aaron's chest to go to sleep and guess what....she still loves to snuggle with her Daddy even now.


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