Thursday, January 5, 2012

Insta {catchup} Friday

I spent the holiday walking around going, "What day is it again?" and had some poor cell service at times, so I wasn't able to fully share some of my holiday photos. Here's a look back at our past couple of weeks:

Picnik collage
we had a crazy, heavy snow which resulted in a fun White Christmas. like, 12 inches in a few hours. crazy.
cody tebowing. naturally.
playing wahoo at my grandmother's house. guess who won? {me of course!}
me: then and now {10 years ago, yikes!}
the snow did not deter kota from enjoying the window rolled down
my family's traditional christmas eve meal. keepin' it klassy. {don't worry, this tradition will not change!}
a flat tire makes for a long drive home. it was even bigger than we imagined!
kota, sulking because of jealousy
sophie, in my lap. the source of kota's jealousy

Picnik collage

you know you're an adult when you get lint brushes for christmas!
telling kota to be quiet and behave.
below: he actually obeyed me!
cleaning out my closet on my last day of vacation. such a boring, adult act
my new piece of furniture with my christmas money!trying to decide on a color,currently leaning towards gold!
cody really loves me, he let me eat this in the car on the way home! {don't get any ideas, I just love pickles that much!}
my new onion goggles
one of my christmas presents. they go with every outfit it seems!

and that {kinda!} catches you up on our holidays! check out life rearranged for more insta fridays!
life rearranged



  1. OMG!! I totally want onion goggles!! I so need those!! Happy New Year!

  2. Fun pics! Looks like you had good holidays.

  3. Visiting from Life Rearranged. LOVE the furniture piece. You can't go wrong with any of those colors!


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