Sunday, January 8, 2012

And That's A Wrap.

Welp. That about sums our weekend up pretty well.

I love a weekend that is just productive enough so you feel good about yourself when you go back to work, but not so overly done that you don't feel like you relaxed any over the weekend. I did laundry, grocery shopped {side note: if you go on Sunday evening, Walmart will be out of eggs. It will be a desperate search for the one uncracked case.} cleaned the kitchen, and enjoyed plenty of down time with the hubs. I think I'm ready for another work week. {And the snow day would just be the icing on the cake!}

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On a much more serious note... are y'all watching the Bachelor? :) I deleted it from our DVR a couple of seasons ago and honestly haven't missed it. {I am not being high and mighty people, I am not above it, I just have other show's I'd rather watch} But after Monday night, I saw some pretty funny tweets that intrigued me. Like, it seems as if they really pulled out all of the stops finding the crazies for this season. So today when I saw that it was being replayed, I recorded it and might be jumping back on the Bachelor train.

Do you watch the Bachelor? Who is your favorite lady this season? And do you like her because she's normal, or because she's "special?"

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Stay tuned for posts about organization, pinning and the depths of my closet. I'm hoping you will have some good tips for me! Have a great week!


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