Friday, August 12, 2011

She's Growing Up.

my mom sent me this today:

it's her first time to take a picture and email it to me... i'm so proud!

{she recently joined the iphone world and is slowly learning how to use it... baby steps people.}

love you mom! :)



  1. Way to go Mom! I have a cell and no idea how to email pictures I take. Actually, I can't even figure out how to download the darn things on my computer. Tell Mom not to worry about it, I'm just 32 and clueless!!!

  2. Ah, parents and technology. The stories I could tell about my mom and her Mac. "You mean you can if I move my files to this external drive thing, they'll still be there?" "Yes mom, for the hundredth time, yes."

    Sigh. :)


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