Monday, August 15, 2011

Paint Swatches.

Over the weekend I asked on twitter about the moral issues of taking paint swatches from a store knowing you're only taking them for a craft project.

What are your thoughts? Wrong since they're there for paying customers, or acceptable, as stores have them out to take?

Depending on your answer, you might want to judge me in a few minutes :)

I did take swatches and I did feel guilty, though I was very thankful the paint guy seemed to be on break when I showed up. I used the swatches to make this for my office:

I actually have a lot left over though:

{did an instagram edit as the lighting in our house makes them look funky!}

And am looking for another project to use them on. So, feel free to tell me what I did was wrong, but can you also help me out with suggestions on how to use the rest of my {stolen} swatches? :)



  1. Lol. I've thought about this too, and I'm not really sure what the answer is. I feel like they probably have billions of them in the back in storage, so the small amount you would take for a project is probably minimal in comparison. And it's not like you're throwing them away and totally wasting them. At least that's how I would justify it if I was the one taking them. Super cute artwork though. Sorry I don't have any suggestions, but maybe something will come to me. :) No judging here. hehe.

  2. I don't think its wrong! They are there for inspiration, & in my opinion this doesn't have to be for just wall colours. I used to go to the paint store and look at collections when I was doing graphic design projects to get inspiration for colour stories. We have a little paint store by my house that we go to, and they always knew what I did with them! We also did get our paint there whenever we did paint, so they were familiar with us.

  3. What about labels or gift tags? You could even paint them with chalkboard paint.

  4. My dad’s in printing; I say take as much paper as you can physically carry out of places! But then ever since I was a child I’ve been conditioned to raid brochure kiosks while traveling and at the doctor’s office. :)

  5. I love the punch that you used on these! I have get to get one. I agree with the comment about gift tags. You could also use them for card making.

    Have you consulted Pinterest for other ideas? ;)


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