Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WIWW #22

Whoa. It's amazing to me that I've been linking up with The Pleated Poppy for 22 weeks! I was just thinking today how nice it is to know that if I'm ever needing inspiration for how to wear items in my own closet, I can look back at my WIWW archives, plus I can turn to the other WIWW ladies out there for some new ideas! If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, you really should!

Here's this week's outfits:

Wednesday: Work


{sorry it's not the best picture. we had to take it super quickly to get back to work}

sweater: Francesca's
tank: old navy
skirt: loft

I wore this outfit knowing that my co-workers would look at me and probably think I'm cooky. It's different mixing the patterns and colors, but I really liked it together. You may have seen that Kendi is wearing the same sweater in a different color.

Want to know something crazy? I actually know Kendi. We went to the same college together. And we used to have conversations that went like this: Hey Kendi! Read your Xanga yesterday. Ha ha, that was so funny. Thanks Abby! Saw your's too. Can't believe that happened! And now she is an internet phenom. Truly blows my mind. Glad I can say I knew her way back when!

Thursday: Work



dress: loft
necklaces: made by my mom

Sunday: Church

You may have seen on my Instagram {abbynein} that I said this is the one holiday you can dress like a firecracker and people call you patriotic. So I did.

Here's the Instagram photo:

{Do you ever wish you could like freeze your hair in place? this would be how I froze it. Sigh, I fix it the same way ever single day hoping for this result... and sometimes I get lucky. Other days, not so much!}

{I know this is a ridiculous photo. I was purposely trying to get a picture of my deodorant marks so I could do a blog post on how to get rid of them. Doesn't that make you want to come back for more?!}

skirt: loft
tank: old navy
belt: jcpenneys

Most of the long weekend was spent in shorts, tank and swimsuit. I'll save you from those pictures!

Tuesday: Work

{that extra fold of skirt makes it look like I have alien hips, huh?}


shirt: walmart
belt: jcpenneys
skirt: old navy
shoes: target

That's all I got! Hope you have a wonderful, fabulous, fashion filled short work week!



  1. you are so cute. i wore my hair short like that for a long time and you make me miss it. cute little pixie! ~d. :)

  2. I love every outfit!

    1 - love teal and red, love how you used the accessories to do this color combo

    2 - loving your pixie cut

    3 - adore your fireworks outfit

  3. That is so funny about Kendi... as soon as I saw the first pic I thought - hey that's Kendi's mustard sweater in pink! (Which is quite cute by the way!)

    Love all the outfits, will definitely come back for the deodorant marks post because they are the bane of my existence, and that Walmart shirt is cute!

  4. Oh my gosh, ALL your outfits are adorable! LOVE! You have the cutest style :) K I have never been to The Loft, but word on the street is it's super cute! Found you from The Pleated Poppy :) Stay fabulous!

  5. You look very cute as always! I love those turquoise sandals! They look great!

  6. i really love that pearl necklace, its so pretty! and of course, just like last time i came and checked, youre looking gorgeous!

    the style projects


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