Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poll: Wedding Favors

So yesterday on Twitter I asked a couple of questions. One about iPhone covers and the other about wedding favors.

As far as iPhone covers go, I asked if people would buy the sturdy {but not as cute} Otterbox or the super cute cover I really want. General consensus was to buy the super cute cover I want. Sigh. Which I *really, really* want to do. So, who wants to send $40 my way so I can get it? Thanks in advance!

Now on to wedding favors. Basically I asked what people consider a good wedding favor. Most people agreed something you could actually use: a cup, CD, chapstick, picture of the couple, flower seeds. One suggested food {cupcakes are always a winner in my book!}

Here's why I'm asking: even though the Flea Market didn't go as I'd hoped, there are some good connections and opportunities that came out of it, including a family that asked if I had anything to offer for a wedding favor. Interestingly enough, a long time ago I bought a ginormous amount of 6x6 canvas frames at Michaels for super cheap because I just knew that someday they would come in handy. {plus I have a problem buying in bulk. Blame Bamps!}

I was asking the question about wedding favors to help with the favor I'm trying to create. Here's what I came up with last night:

A 6x6 canvas with a purple background, picture of the couple, a verse and their wedding information.

After I made it, Cody and I both agreed it would look with some black and white behind it, so here are some examples of the black paper I would add:

So blog friends, help me out! Is this a wedding favor you would actually keep or just immediately throw in the trash? They will end up being more expensive that what people would normally pay for favors, but I'm hoping they will also be a gift that people will keep long term. So please, hit me with your likes/dislikes about it and feel free to include any other suggestions you may have for making this the perfect wedding favor!


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  1. we did CDs of our favorite and fun songs. everyone loved them and still talked about them to this day. but i love the FRAMES! LOVE THEM!!! p.s. how much are the growth charts. i need one for Owen.


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