Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh My.

As a college recruiter, I've seen and heard some stories that will make your jaw drop and question the future of America. This gem was passed on to me by a friend and it's just too good not to share!

Here's what she said:

I was talking to a young man wearing a college shirt {name removed to protect the innocent!}, who was a vendor at the convention. When he told me what he did, recruiting, I got excited. I asked him if he enjoyed visiting with high schoolers and other prospective students, knowing that you often have hilarious stories. He of course, does as well. Here is his story.

He was working a fair in Houston and this pretty blond girl, cheerleader type (his words) comes up to the booth. He asks her what she plans to major in and she answers, "Anthropology."

He responds, wow, what got you interested in that? Her reply? "Well, I LOVE to shop at the store!"

Seriously. Can you just yank and application out of someone's hands? :o) Bless her heart.

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 Doesn't that make you feel good? :)


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  1. {snort}
    That's too funny!! There are times when I am writing up a transfer evaluation and I have typed anthro as anthropologie...sad but at least I've caught it before anyone else peeked.


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