Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIWW #13

It's that time again... WIWW!

Here's the goods:

Thursday: Work


cardi: old navy
burnout: possibilities (amarillo,tx)
linen pants: loft

work friday was a crazy day as we had more than 300 new students on campus. sadly, I didn't get a picture snapped, but it was just jeans and a tee.

Saturday: pedicure, running errands



denim shirt: walmart
super awesome orange shorts: banana republic factory store
flip flops: reefs
bracelet & necklace: f21

Sunday: church



sweater: gap
shirt: loft
belt: express
jeans: old navy ($6!!)

Monday: Work



dress: loft
cardi: old navy
belt: old navy
boots: dillards, born

we've already had 90 - 100 degree weather here in texas and then had a random cold front come through that dropped it down to the 40's. I bought these boots at the end of year clearance sale and felt like it was a good opportunity to get one more wear out of them before it's officially too hot around here. In hindsight, my brown boots probably would have looked better, but i felt good at least getting some use out of them for this season!

Side note, if you're a reader, I started calling these my Lisbeth Salendar boots. My hubby thought she would wear something a little more intense, but I felt like I could kick booty in them :)

Tuesday: Work



sweater: gap
shirt: target
skirt: express

This outfit was a little bit of a long shot. I pictured it looking really good in my head and ironed the shirt to wear it. The problem was that the sweater was at the cleaners, which we were going to stop and pick up on the way to work. Once I got it and put it on over my shirt on the way to work, I got this huge fear that it wasn't going to look right and then I was going to be stuck wearing a mismatched outfit all day.

Thankfully, it turned out good and I really loved the colors together.

That's my week in clothes! Hope you had a bright, fashionable week too!



  1. Your outfits really inspire me! Thanks for sharing! I really love how you mix colors that I would not normally think of mixing, but now I will!

  2. I love all of these. You are super adorable and my new inspiration for mixing colors!

  3. Abby! You look just like your mom in the green sweater. I had to scroll back up to look again!

  4. Can't decide whether I love Sunday or Monday's outfit more, either way I'm lovin' your pearl strand necklace - gorgeous!

  5. I'm pretty much all about your haircut.
    Sigh. If only I were brave enough. I have considered a pixie-cut for YEARS but never had the cahones.


    That last outfit with the lovely snarl of pearls, and pink gingham paired with turquoise. J'ADORE!

    Thanks for sharing <3

    Sara Sophia

  6. All of your outfits are super cute; I especially love the pearls you are wearing in your Tuesday outfit. And I LOVE your haircut. By the way, I live in TX too (San Antonio) and Monday the high was 57; I thought I was in some alternate universe or something. PLUS- are you a teacher? I saw that you mentioned 300 students on campus; anyway, I'm a teacher too!
    I love a teacher fashionista; can't wait to read more!!
    gin @ Life as Topher's Mama

  7. Ack, they ARE Lisbeth boots (sidenote, loved the books, loved the movies)!!

    And green and teal may be my favorite color combo you've ever done. I absolutely love all your layers!!

  8. LOVE how that green sweater looks with the blue ruffle peeking out! Very pretty color combo :) Out here in Cali we had a similar weather pattern and I think I was the only one who enjoyed the cold front, mostly because I have so many cardigans I got on clearance and was dying to wear them! LOL

  9. I love the color combination of orange shorts + denim top + turquoise accessory! Perfect!


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