Monday, May 2, 2011

Show Me Your Grill.

Over this past semester Cody and I have been lucky enough to get plugged in with a couple's small group at our church. While we've loved getting to know people better and finally feeling like we have "couple friends," there's one member of our group that steals the spotlight.

Meet Kennady.


{super cute daughter to Chad and Kelly}

She's around 17 months old and is just so fun.


Mainly because she will do things on command. Like:

Show Me Your Grill


Surprise Face


and I think she was showing us what a dog does here


{not pictured - dropping it like it's hot and shake your booty. the blog couldn't handle all of that cuteness}

Our group met up the other night for snow cones and Kennady was in heaven. She quickly figured out that her mom got her plain ice and our "ice" tasted better than hers.

So we were all being nice and sharing with her.


She didn't realize though, that I got a unique snow cone.

A pickle snowcone.


We were all rolling on the floor at the faces she was making.


The funny thing was, she kept coming back for more!


We had a super fun night {even though it was freezing cold} and enjoyed getting to spend time with this sweet girl.


They're heading out today for 4 months in Arkansas and our group will definitely have an empty spot. Here's hoping the next few months pass quickly!

And once they are back, I'll make sure to get some Kennady cuteness to share with the blog!


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