Friday, April 15, 2011

Fancy Diet Cupcake

{I made these back in March but never got around to blogging it.}

 We've started a couples small group this semester and I've volunteered as the "facilitator"

Doesn't it sound fancy?

All it really means is that I get to annoy them by sending out too many emails, keep up with important dates and be the mean person who says we have to stop talking and actually get started on our lesson.

Sounds right up my alley, huh? :)

Actually it's a lot of fun, specifically when it comes time to keep up with important dates, aka BIRTHDAYS! Last month we celebrated John's birthday. Knowing that he is a huge fan of Reese's, I knew I needed to incorporate them into the dessert. I also knew that Cody and I were doing a MAJORVACATIONDIET, so I wanted to try and make it semi- healthy.

So... I took the Diet Cake recipe (using a chocolate cake and DDP) and make cupcakes with it. I then topped with cool whip and chopped up Reese's and viola, a beautiful, healthy cupcake!


The key is all about how you ice them. At first I tried to spread it on, but it wasn't looking too great. You can see bottom layer of the cupcake on the right how this turned out.


So then I decided to try and use the Cool Whip like I would real icing. I spooned it into a baggie, cut the corner off and went to town. SUPER easy! Honestly, I liked the look of the Cool Whip better than I do real icing!

I was slightly worried that people would definitely know they were diet by the taste, but everyone had great things to say about them {hopefully they weren't lying to me!} The one draw back is that they are pretty crumbly, so these would really be better served with a plate and fork. Plus, the icing was rather tall so it was slightly hard to get your mouth around it! Oh well... I was more concerned with presentation that function!

Try it out at your next party! You'll be surprised at what a hit they are!




  1. I've seen the diet cake recipe but I've never tried it. Is it just a box of cake and a can of soda? Don't you add a box of pudding too?

    These look so yummy!

  2. These cupcakes look delicious! I'll have to try this recipe sometimes... the husband would love.


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