Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Shopping

Bored and looking for something to do tomorrow?

Why not stop by Old Navy and pick up this cutie for $9?

(originally $19.50!!)

Old Navy will be having another one of their One-Day Wonder sales where you can get a great deal out of it! If you think you might want this dress, let me let you in on a trick: head to Old Navy tonight, pick out the color and sizes you want and go ahead and purchase them. Then tomorrow, when everyone else had to go in and fight the crowd, you can leisurely walk up to the cash register and have them price adjust what you paid, thus insuring you get the dresses you want! I went and got four of them last night (bright pink, green, black and a black/gray/white combo) and will go back tomorrow to save my $40!

{I may sound slightly crazy that I bought 4. They will be perfect for work with a cute burn out tee underneath them! Sorry if it's all you see me wearing for May, June, July and August!)

Here's the link if you want to see the dress on their website!

{I wish this was a paid advertisement. Instead, it's just one girl on a budget helping another girl out!}

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  1. Thanks for the sweet heads-up on the ON deal! Super cute dresses I have a couple of them myself.


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