Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is A Body Supposed To Bend That Way?

WARNING: Unflattering, yet funny pictures to follow. Do not continue ready if you plan on judging our lack of fitness!

The other night Cody and I were watching The Biggest Loser when we watched one of the contestants do this:


In case you can't see it too clearly, she is in a backbend WITH one of her legs sticking up. We laughed in a "that's unbelievable!" way, yet it only took about two seconds before Cody was on the floor to try it out himself!

Here he is getting into position:


And here he is!


{I used the ruler to give you a point of reference.}

Right after I snapped the picture, Kota ran under Cody like he was a bridge. I of course, wanted to get a picture of it and made him keep trying, but sadly this is what most of the time looked like after Cody tried about 2 more times:


Cody has this thing that makes it hard for him to stretch out far and bend certain ways, so I thought that is why he was having such a hard time. So I laid down and was going to show him how easy it would be.

I'm getting ready:


Raised up:


And collapsed laughing!


I tried again:


If you glance... it looks like I'm {kinda} doing it, yet take a closer look to see that I am actually RESTING ON MY HEAD.

Yeah... my arms were like twigs that had absolutely no ability to hold anything!

We were rolling on the floor laughing. It was seriously hard and definitely humbling to see how far our working out has taken us!

So people, if you're trying to challenge yourself and are looking for a fitness hero, I'm your girl! Someday, with lots of hard work, you might be able to look like this too :)




  1. this made me laugh out loud...b/c I would so try doing it too...but I know I would break something. haha :)

  2. Oh, this post made me laugh! I'll have to try this at home - it doesn't look easy!

  3. I just did it, and took a picture. Jd just tried, even though he has a migraine. He told me he got too ambitious.


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