Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Weepy Week

We've had a lot going on this week that has just turned me into a weepy baby! I know that my weepyness comes from the year that we've had. Facing a life threatening surgery has a way of putting things into perspective and my heart breaks when I hear of others facing the same thing.

Take a few minutes to read these following Carepage's and pray for the following families:

Rex Fleming is an 8 yr old boy who had surgery on Thursday to remove a golf ball size tumor from between the right and left lobe's of his brain. He is doing well, but still needs prayer for his headaches to go away and more feeling and movement to return to his left side. You really need to take a moment to read his journal, as the Lord has done some amazing things to show this family how He is present with them every step of this journey!

Their website it:

The next prayer request is for Emery Brown, a sweet 5 day old baby girl. She was born Wednesday, and then Thursday we received an email letting us know she was about to be care flighted to Dallas to Cook's Children's Medical Center for a possible heart condition. I was already emotional as I was praying for Rex and his family that day and hearing about Emery almost put me over the edge. Most people who read this blog will know that I was care flighted almost immediately after my birth to Dallas for a heart condition, so Emery's story definitely stuck a note with my heart. We then later received an email update that Emery has Tetralogy of Fallot, which is the same heart condition that I have. Her's is slightly different, as she has blockage in the pulmonary artery and I just had a leaking valve. They are planning on doing a heart cath tomorrow morning to get a better idea of her heart and then will most likely being doing a surgery right after to fix the blockage. Please being praying now for the wisdom of this doctors and that Emery will be a fighter!

Here is her Carepage:

Thank you for praying for these families! We know from experience how humbling and grateful it feels to know that others are lifting you up!


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