Monday, March 29, 2010

What To Say

I've started several blogs yet haven't been able to follow through on them yet. There's many details and events that I still wish to blog about this whole experience, but right now I can't fully describe the experience well enough and I don't want to blog it if I'm not going to blog it right.

My mom and I ended up making a very quick trip to Dallas tonight so that I can go to my cardiologist tomorrow for a 2 week check up. Two weeks! I can barely fathom that so much time has already passed.

I am doing really good. My color is slowly coming back and I feel good. Right now the major drawback is that I get tuckered out pretty easily and have to rest a lot. My schedule right now looks like this: wake up at 9:30, eat breakfast, catch up on the computer/read, talk with Cody over his lunch break and maybe eat a small lunch, nap from 1 to 3, walk for 10 minutes, rest some more, eat dinner, watch tv, bedtime. See, there's a lot of resting time in there.

I am still having pain in my chest and back, but I've also missed a few meals, which means I'm also missing a few of my pain pills. Nothing major and it's not pain I can't handle. Actually, it feels good to feel something. I do feel well enough that I do forget that I just had a *major* surgery. One of the side effects that I wasn't expecting was that the majority of the area around the incision is rather numb. It feels like when you have dental work done and they give you a shot to numb the area... you know you're touching you lip but you can't really feel you touching the lip. The first few days in the hospital and even after I came out I had pain patches to wear around the incision. I thought they were the reason I was feeling numb, but I haven't worn a patch since Thursday and it hasn't worn off yet. I'm not worried about it, but I most certainly wasn't expecting this!

I am trying to enjoy every minute of resting right now. I know these next couple of weeks off will fly even faster than these first two weeks have. Even after I have been released and return to work, I will still have to go through 12 weeks of cardio rehab. So, despite that I'm feeling well... I still have much resting and recovering ahead of me. Here's to soaking up the quiet times!

I'm off to go watch some TV with my mom. I'll update tomorrow on what the cardiologist says!


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