Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is the view I am currently enjoying!

The Cleveland Clinic kicked me to the curb today and I am now enjoying lounging at the Ronald McDonald House. We'll be here a few days before we'll fly back home. We'll actually go back to the Clinic in Monday or Tuesday for a quick check up appoitment and an x-ray to make sure everything is ok with my lung. I'll write another post sometime about what happened with my lung, but there was a tiny hole in it and I cannot fly home if the hole is still there.

Cody and I spent a good deal of time this morning rereading all of the cards we have received throughout this journey. I pray that those of you reading this blog never go through this. With that being said, we have been so blessed by the love and support shown to us. It has poured out from all directions and from people we never expected. Thank you for supporting us on this journey. We could not have made it without your prayers and encouragement!

I'm headed to enjoy the meal brought in for tonight. Look for more blogs to come!

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