Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodbye My Friend

Today I say goodbye to my longtime friend, the constant companion I've carried all these years.

Our friendship was destined from the beginning, only a matter of time and waiting before it came to be.

We've been through thick and thin, traveled many miles, cried tears of joy and sorrow and dream of the yet-to-be.

We're an odd match to most. They look at me, then at my friend, and can't seem to make the pieces fit. Others may not see it, but my friend is key to who I am.

My friend may be undesired by others, yet is so beautiful to me. I've watched the changes, the growing and adapting and know of the life my friend represents.

Today, as I lose the somewhat crooked scar that reminds me of the blessing and privledge of life, I look forward to my new friend and the promises it holds.

Here's to many years of friendship...


  1. gah, i thought this was going to be you saying good by to piggy (time to change the oil-575 baby!).

    so stop holding out on me and tell me what's it going to be!!! : )

    i'll be praying continuously for you and cody tomorrow! and remember what i said about the anesthesia. no need to worry. (but its probably a good idea to look at a picture of me right before you go under just in case) (i kid! I kid!) love you friends!

  2. hey..i have tried to find you on twitter so i know how to pray or how things are going...sorry..i am so behind the times...instructions would be great anyone?

  3. thank you so much Lauren

    Abby, I'm proud of you girl!!!!


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