Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 5

This isn't going to be a very long update because it's been a very long day, but I'll at least leave you with the important information.

We arrived at the Clinic at 10:30 this morning and left around 5:45 tonight. We had a full day with pre-op, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon. We still have some unanswered questions (mainly about physical limitations, food restrictions and care after the surgery) but at least know they will answer them for us before we check out of the hospital.

The surgeon is not the most friendly person up front but we know he is very thorough in his work and we feel confident that he will do a good job.

I will check into the hospital at 10:00 (9:00 Texas) tomorrow and will have surgery sometime tomorrow afternoon. We will send out texts and tweets whenever the surgery is about to start. I am the second surgery of the day for Dr. Pettersson so my surgery is at the mercy of how long the first surgery will take.

We cannot thank you enough for the way you have supported us so far. I know tonight is going to be a very long night for most of us and we cannot thank you enough for going before us. We love each of you so very much. I am so humbled at how far across the States this prayer request has made it and I am confident that the Lord is listening to each and every word said and even those that aren't.

We'll share more tomorrow.

When I am afraid I will trust in God. Psalm 56:3

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