Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Share the Love!

It's no joke that in ministry, you don't make a lot of money, and with the exeception of huge churches like FBC Abilene, there's not usually a whole lot of money to go around. So you learn to depend on God and spend much more time in prayer, trusting that things will work out and everyone will be provided for.

Every once in a while, those amazing things happen that we all dream about, like the time I prayed I wouldn't have to write my 7-10 page personal New Testament theology paper and the next day my professor said we didn't have to write the paper, wonderful things like that.

Well, Amy Beth at Ministry So Fabulous has had one of these things fall into her lap. I only know Amy Beth through the blog world, and I'm struck by some of the similarities in our lives. We're both 24 and have a heart for girl's ministry. At the age of 18 Amy Beth started Starlite Ministries, which has blossomed into growing ministry that is reaching so many girls between 3rd and 12th grade.

So, even though you may not know Amy Beth (if you start reading her blog it won't take you long to get to know her!) you can still help out Starlite Ministries. They've teamed up with Microsoft Live, and for every person who downloads it Starlite receives money. You can go download it so they get money and then delete it if you don't actually want it. You do get points for using Microsoft Live as your search engine. If you use Internet Explorer, the search space at the top right hand part of your page is Microsoft Live, so you can get points for something you already use!

If you go here: Ministry So Fabulous it will take you to the post that explains more about how it all works and how it helps out Starlite. You know you want to do it!

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  1. So, I'm WAY late but thank you for this! And I got your package in the mail -- girl, you are TOO CUTE. We need to be bff's along w/ Leslie Ruth.

    Also, I'll be needing your middle name so I can properly refer to you by first and middle name. :)


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