Friday, August 15, 2008

phelps phan...

i'll be honest. since we didn't have cable (aka bunny ears) before the olympics started, i really didn't know much about our athletes that were competing. i have quickly learned about michael phelps. did y'all see the race tonight? keeps given us americans something to shout about. the boy sure has talent.

and did you see his mom at the end of the race? her face was so cute.

cody went to with his ex-roommates tonight so i had downtime with myself. we had already made plans that as soon as work was over, i was going to express and he was going to target to get more jeans. getting that boy to buy new pants is worse than pulling his teeth. myself, on the other hand, well don't you worry about me having trouble buying anything.

i should mention that express was having a "buy one pair of editor pants get one half off." yes, a life-changing sale. and since i have so wisely held onto my christmas gift cards, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce, i knew i could not miss the sale. and it lined up with tax free weekend. normally i will pay tax to avoid the crowd, but totally worth it tonight.

anyway. i am getting ready to leave work, drooling about my new pants. i debated leaving at 4:53. decided it was too early. should have taken the opportunity though, because at 4:57 our office manager came and said that we just had a family walk in and needed to know if they had everything turned in. both of our initial thoughts were, grrrrrrrr. i mean really, who does that on a friday? but we are a customer service friendly work place, so i put on my smile to go take care of the situation.

i felt like a jerk for being angry at them for interrupting my shopping plans once i talked to them. the family left at 5:30 a.m. to drive in from farmington, new mexico, to drop their son off for college. the parents are both teachers and couldn't drop him off on tuesday when the other students will come in. they were so friendly and scared. and i felt lucky that i got to spend a little time talking to them. and it didn't take 10 minutes of my time, and i know it made their day better.

*hold up* the american girl just held up the next swim race to get them to wait for a sweden girl who was having issues with her swimsuit. i am proud to be an american*

and then i headed to express. and here's the deal i got. the pairs of pants i chose were $69 and $59. yes, expensive but they last so long. so it was $129, i had a coupon for $20 off if you spent over $75, and then once they applied the buy one get one half off sale, it only cost $79. and I had gift cards to cover all of it! i am prepared for fall!

ok, well the hubby just walked in so i'm going to go hang out with him and watch more of the olympics. we're finishing getting the house set up tomorrow.... I'll post pics soon!

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