Thursday, August 21, 2008

our love abode 2

I am putting up the finished product pictures of the house in a separate post.. I'll just be honest,I don't want to mess with uploading all of these pictures in the other post and then have to move them to the bottom.. so I'm choosing the easier route!

Some of these photos may have already been seen.. Cody posted this blog for me trying to be helpful, and I hadn't clarified that I was waiting till later to put it up :) So here's the real thing!

These first three pictures are the whole reason our house is finally ready. Hardin-Simmons in having their New Student Orientation this week, and one night during NSO the teams go to different faculty/staff houses for dessert party. I was so excited that we finally got to host a team!

Here is our table decorations and dessert:

Isn't the Fiesta Ware so fun?!

Here's a picture of us before the group got here:
Yes, I cut off Cody's head, but its such a good picture of me I had to put it up!

And finally... our house!

You can barely see the edge of the door... we painted over the nasty yellow and now its a stunning black!

These are all of the living room:

While we don't actually have pictures in it yet, this is one of my favorite things about our house!

The dining area:

This is our organization station :)

This was Cody's cake topper at the wedding.

The kitchen:

Our bedroom!

Please ignore the improvised blue curtain. Our room was so light at night, but before I paid for curtains I wanted to make sure it would help. So now I just need to get the curtains and take the horrible blue sheet down!

So there ya go! This is our first home. It is so much cuter in person. It feels very homey to me and I am so excited to have people over! Be on the look out for our first dinner party!

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