Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my favorite part of preparing for the honeymoon (18 days till mexico!) has been shopping for new clothes.

and a big part of mexico will be the pool/beach.

and every girl knows that shopping for a bathing suit for the pool/beach is never the most enjoyable experience.

this morning on msn i saw an article for swimsuits for curvy girls. i'm a curvy girl, if you didn't realize it, so i click the link to see what it suggests.

i skim the article and finally make it to the pictures where it shows the options it suggests.
here is the suit it suggests to cover a big bottom:

i have no clue who wrote this article, but it is obvious they don't know much about big bottoms. thank you for the tip of showing my to wear a skirt to cover up, but really?!?!

has the girl ever heard the term big bottom, much less worried about covering up her hips?

what this girl needs is to make the jello no bake peanut butter cup. and let it sit in the refrigerator while she goes to the movie. then come back, don't even think about pulling out a plate, grab a spoon and dig right into the pan. boy hi-dee that is good. and then, maybe she will learn something about needing a big bottom cover up.

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  1. That last thought? I have it every time I see Guliana Ranic on TV. Or Carrie Underwood.


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