Thursday, June 26, 2008

apparently this wedding this is real...

not only has the wedding overtaken my parents home and our new duplex, it is beginning to work its way into my office at work.

my new desk plate, name tag and business cards have come in.

right now they're all piled together. somehow having them in my office makes this whole wedding thing real.

not that i dont want it to be real, i'm just sad to see the horrell go away.

what do you think, is abby deneice horrell neinast too long for a full name? sure, it doesn't flow off the tongue so easily, but it is an easy way to keep the horrell alive.

sorry mom and dad, i want to keep horrell alive, but can you imagine naming a child that?

whew. don't think i can do it. and that's probably best for everyone.

nine days and counting!!!!

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  1. I kept my maiden name as my middle name---I thought it would make everything easier, but now everyone new I meet thinks I've hyphenated it or that I have 2 last names. The name change wasn't all that difficult though. If I get mail for Katie L. Lyon I know somebody's trying to fake me out (my original middle name was Roseann--ugh!)

    Good luck with the final arrangements! I'm sure the wedding is going to be beautiful! Tell Cody hi for me! =)



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