Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i realize i don't blog much anymore. but i'm trying to be a good worker, so i don't blog at work. and the lack of internet at the love abode makes it hard to blog at night. but we should be getting internet soon, and i am hopeful that it will revive my blogging once more.

the green's d.o.t.'s family came into town this weekend to celebrate his grandfather and the grandfather's twin brother's 75th birthday. it was a long weekend but a fun experience. i met a lot of new family, and i really had a blast getting to know them. and its fun to know that every family has it characters. mine included.

one of the green d.o.t.'s second cousins is deaf. i am sorry that i didn't pay enough attention to my mom's sign language teaching back in the 4th grade because i couldn't even remember how to spell my name. i mean not that martha needed me to spell my name out. that's not of importance.

i observed martha all weekend. her brothers were there, and they knew sign language to communicate with her. other than that, i think martha had a lot of down time when she wasn't involved in the conversation. i'm sure she was reading lips and knew more than i realized. it was just hard to see how she was involved.

the families came to church with us on sunday, including martha. i partially wanted to talk them into going to fbc. i mean they at least have an interpreter for her. but they wanted to see where cody works. and again, i noticed that martha didn't seem very involved. i mean jerry talks pretty fast. i think it would be hard to read his lips.

and then, in the middle of church, i found myself getting distracted, and making a list of everything that still needs to be done for the wedding. and in the middle of church, as i was planning out my wedding to-do's, i was very convicted that i am blessed to not have any hinderances for church, i can read and hear everything perfectly. yet i so easily get distracted and don't use my physical gifts as a means to grow spiritually.

i'm glad i met martha.

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