Saturday, March 29, 2008

fun fun fun.

i bought the first new pieces of furniture for our new place!!!

my boss told me about this great place, it's bloomingdale's flowers on south 27th and barrow. the have a ton of furniture at GREAT prices and they'll paint it and distress it for you. i will be checking back weekly for new pieces!

now on to the next purchase... a couch and love seat. i am loving making grown up purchases!

p.s. i found out today that a girl is signing the lease next week to be the next week to move into my apartment. this means that i might be moving out within the next two weeks.. but even the even greater news is that i might not have to pay a full month's rent here! this is great news for my wallet!


  1. Why have I not heard of this place before?! Oh, that's right, the Lord was protecting our budget...

  2. Wow, may have to check that place out. Love the header graphic by the way!


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