Sunday, March 30, 2008

the best...

parents in the whole world!!

yes that's right. i have them. my parents are coming down this week (while i'm out of town in fact) just to help me clean the duplex i'm about to move into since it's so dirty. and since they're headed this way, they're also bringing me their washer and dryer to give to cody and me!!!!

i cannot even begin to explain how having a washer and dryer will rock my world in the greatest manner ever. i have loved living on church street, but not having a washer and dryer is a major hassel. so, i am so very thankful that my parents are going to be the biggest help ever!

now i really am supposed to be studying, not blogging. so i must go get to that. but i will leave you with this tidbit of a conversation...

(scene: cody's parents[donna and david] drove through abilene today after visiting his brother and wife in dallas. )

donna: we watched the kite runner on friday night
abby: really? i've been meaning to read that book for a really long time
david: well you'll have plently of time to read it on the honeymoon. you can get caught up on a lot of reading.
abby: nah, we'll have a lot better things to do on the honeymoon.
awkward silence by all.


  1. Obviously you were referring to sight-seeing and enjoying the beach...I'm not sure why they didn't understand that.

  2. I just read your awkward conversation out loud to Russ and we both had a good giggle. Congrats on your washer & dryer - I don't know what I would do without ours.

  3. Oh. Oh no. Oh nooooooo!!!

    But yes, you will have waaaaaaaaay better things to do... ;)


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