Tuesday, February 12, 2008

so i actually paid $10 at starbucks so i can have the internet.

dumb - yes. but i "need" it.

i'm in midland trying to do something cool from prospective students that might want to come to hsu. but they're not cool and don't show up. kinda puts a damper on my coolness, considering i've been sitting here for almost 2 hours by myself and no one has joined me.

on the bright side i did get to finish reading reunion by karen kingsbury. the last of the "r" series. if you haven't read them you should. but here's an emotional spoiler. i've been using my waiting time to finish the book... and i've been crying. and not like a few tears crying. like everyone is looking at the sad girl in the corner who's eyes are out of control red from crying. not to mention my streaked mascara. thank you karen. i appreciate it. but seriously. read the books.

i have 45 more minutes to sit here before i head off to odessa to sit there for 2 hours in starbucks. hopefully it shall be more productive than this one. at least i will still have my ten dollar internet to use.

shara this still better count as a creative effort. all will be lost if it is not.

keep reading. i will probably post again soon.

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  1. It's totally a creative effort!! Sometimes our job is more about learning how to appear cool when by ourselves in awkward situations. I'm not too good at it. And yes, I do still have 45 more min. of calling to do, but I needed a break from the redundant messages I was leaving. Hope Odessa's better!


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