Wednesday, February 13, 2008

coffee house day two

i'm geared up for another night in a coffee shop. this time, however i have free internet. thank you daybreak coffee for knowing how to treat your customers.

there's a part of me that is afraid no one else will show up tonight. and a greater part of me that prays no one will show up. i'm going to work on the seven thousand pages i need to read for class next week, and lubbock, texas is home to the world's largest terror - momzilla. seriously. every conversation i have had with her has been at least 30 minutes long. and 27 of those minutes were answering questions that i had answered in the previous 30 minute conversation. love it.

lets end on a positive note. how about a picture of our wedding cake? i am doing cake testings on saturday.. yum! (sorry i can't make it bigger)

yes. i did copy this off of lauren clark's website. but our picture will be different. obviously there will not be an "S" on the top. and cody sure as heck knows he will not shove cake in my face if he knows what is best for the rest of his married relationship.
wow. originally i wrote "married relationshipS". hopefully he won't have plural.
in other sad news, my dad informed that the fire chief said sparklers were not allowed in the city limits. so we don't get to leave to sparklers. i am highly disappointed. if you know me, you should know i love sparklers. so this is a sad kink in the wedding plan. now i must come up with something creative. i mean i know rose petals are alwasy and option, but it seems so expensive to just throw them on the ground! let me know if you have suggestions.


  1. Here's an article with lots of ideas. I personally like the butterfly idea -

    Hope this helps!

  2. we'll not tell "sparkler boy" about this just yet. we're bound to come up with something just as fabulous!


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