Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

I realize for most people, Friday is a day of celebration because the weekend is about to begin. When you're a minister, Sundays are a day of work and not for rest, so our weekend starts Thursday night.


It started off with some problem solving for Mom. Griff found his pumpkin shirt last week and wore it Tuesday to school, and then had a fit when he couldn't also wear it Wednesday and Thursday. I'm afraid this could become a weekly battle, so we headed out early this morning to Walmart to look for new pumpkin shirts. Sadly ours didn't have any, but did at least have several plain orange shirts so we can then have a painting party to solve our pumpkin shirt problems. 


I've got to be honest: I was amazed at how good of a painter he was, both left and right handed! I found stencils for faces online, traced them on freezer paper, then cut out the faces and ironed them down. (placing another sheet of freezer paper wax side up inside of the shirt helps to seal it off so the paint won't bleed.) We now have five pumpkin shirts ready to go for October. Let's hope it's enough!

After a picnic lunch out of our lunch box and a long nap, we were at it again to make Halloween cupcakes.  It's amazing that Griff can actually help with things now... there are some perks to him growing up!  


Griff demonstrating proper safety precautions for sprinkle application and a "less is more" approach. 


He was very proud of his finished product and we all enjoyed his hard work! Funny enough, this morning about 11:30 Cody asked, "What did we used to do on weekends before we had a kid?" I answered, "Sleep in till 10:45, dash to Whataburger before 11 to get breakfast, go home to nap,  go out again to eat dinner, wander the mall then catch a movie. Weren't those the days? Now look at what all we've done and it's only 11:30."  Good thing we love this kid! :) 

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