Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is It August Yet?

Cody and I could be the only people who are ready for August to be here, because that means we survived our summer. I thought that summer's were busy with a youth minister husband, and then I became a children's minister and it only got busier. We've survived VBS, Jr. High and High School camps and now I have children's camps next week and then we will celebrate! Don't get me wrong, we've had some great weeks and loved getting to see our kids experience Christ, but it wears you out when you feel responsible for the safety of other people's kids! (plus, I don't feel old enough to be the sponsor yet!)

Our High School camp was held in Glorieta, New Mexico, which used to be a rather popular location to have church cabins until the land sold recently. I was happy to see that my hometown's church's cabin is still standing and our girl councilor was actually living in it (with 36 other girls! glad it wasn't me! :)


Camp at Glorieta was much more outdoorsy than I was prepared for, but we all ended up having a great time and dare I say, even enjoyed the outdoorsy activities! (Feel free to stop reading now if you don't want to see pictures of me doing said outdoorsy stuff! Videos won't work... maybe some day I'll update this with them!)

We drift triked:


I didn't know it, but drifting is apparently the process of making yourself slide sideways. I was a scaredy cat the first time, but showed the boys up the second ;)

We did the Zip Drop:

Our cute group getting ready to go!

We'll be jumping off of this:

Which for two sissies, looked like this:

(wah wah wah... picture two sissy's jumping off!)

What you can't see is where the other two people on the Zip Drop had already jumped off on the count of three, but Cody and I were frozen up there. Some of our group thought we planned it that way so just the two of us went together... but no, we were just scared! It took a huge moment of courage for me to jump, which is why you see me so happy to be back on the ground!

We did a lot of hiking in the beautiful mountains:


And we also pretended to be movie stars by braving the Stunt Jump. As you can see, they won't be hiring me as a double any time soon! I was the first chicken to make the jump (no need to tell you how long it took!) but I inspired Cody and our other sponsor Marie to make the jump too!

(pretend you see a superstar jumping off a 20 ft ledge onto a blow up landing)

All in all it was a great week, but we're glad to be home with our boy and seriously are looking forward to a little bit of a slower pace in August! I head out today for one last week of camp, which is actually pre-teen camp (monday - thursday) and children's camp (thursday and friday) combined. Yep... we'll pretty much pull into the parking lot, empty the bus, load back up and leave again. Not sure why I was feeling so ambitious when I made these plans!! I know it will be a great week, but I'm ready for Friday already! ;) 

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