Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Back in December I hosted a simple "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" party for a few of Griffin's friends. It sounds much fancier than it was, as it was just a glorified playdate so the moms could get together and have coffee!

I created an invitation using PicMonkey and texted it to everyone.


Simple snacks for the kids [cookies, powdered sugar donuts, donut holes, and little smokies to balance out the sugar high!] A coffee station for the moms and snowman treats as goodie bags. [which I forgot to hand out and Griff is still playing with!]


The "snowman" was based off of this pin I'd seen a while back.  I think in theory, it's made by older kids who could cut out all of their own eyes, mouth and nose pieces. Our oldest kid attending was four and while she might have been able to do it, I don't trust the other boys! [with nicknames like Hurricane Henry, G-Force, Tor-Knox-O and Wreck 'Em Rhett, do you blame me?? :) ] I used my silhouette the night before to cut out all of the pieces and then made the yarn pom poms for the ear muffs. I stayed up stupidly late making them and was kicking myself for doing it, but the first thing G said when he saw the was "Beautiful!" so it was totally worth it!

While this project does require some adult supervision, it was mostly just because we used hot glue guns for the ear muffs. Glue sticks worked for all of the paper parts and then there was no worry of little hands getting hurt.

Here are the kiddos with their finished snowmen! [this was the best we could get with this crowd!]


I know we're into February now, but with the Texas weather, you never know when our next snow day will be! Make the most of being cooped up inside and make a party out of it!

[here's the fine print: you'll spend all week getting your house ready for the party and then have six little ones and two babies show up and you really will think that a tornado hit. every toy possible will be pulled out, water will probably overflow from the sink, several kids will end up crying at some point and something will get spilt. but, the kids will totally love it, the moms will enjoy the conversation and everyone will leave brainstorming the next party idea! so skip the cleaning, leave the toys out and get ready to have some fun!]

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