Friday, January 30, 2015

Five On Friday

[ one ]

twice this week griff has woken up from his nap but wasn't quite ready to actually be awake,  so we spent almost a good hour together rocking.  cuddling like that hasn't happened in well over a year and it was good for my heart.

[ two ]

i enjoyed three days away last week in the metroplex for a children's ministers retreat. while i had a good time at the retreat, i can't act like i wasn't just as excited to spend some quality time at north park mall. of course,  the one time i have my christmas money burning a whole in my pocket, there was nothing cute to be found.  don't you hate it when that happens?

[ three ]

back in november we started having some water pressure issues.  showering, filling the tub, washing dishes, and doing laundry were all become hard to actually accomplish.  we do have an older home, so we were afraid it might be a leak or something major along those lines, but our water bill wasn't higher and everything looked fine under the house.

last weekend cody was rinsing something off outside and noticed a spigot in the ground next to the faucet. he messed with it a little bit, came in, tested the pressure and discovered something major. turns out that spigot actually controls the water to the house. he thought it controlled the faucet and turned it down low BACK IN NOVEMBER before our first major freeze.

we've had a good laugh about it but are also thankful it wasn't something wrong with our house!

[ four ]

Our MOPS speaker today was a lady who owns a nursery. [ gardening, not children. ] she talked a lot about native plants to our area and what will grow best here that are very drought tolerant. i asked how often to water and as it turns out, it seems to be that i might be killing my plants because i'm drowning them! turns out that they need to dry out between waterings... not stay soaking wet. (going three weeks between waterings probably didn't help either!)  she gave us a list of butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants so i'm hoping to (maybe, finally, dreaming of ) have a green thumb this  year!

[ five ]

cody is currently gone to passion with our high school students.  why is it that everything in your house seems so much scarier when you're alone? i have triple checked to be sure all doors are locked [with chains in place] and am now considering leaving the lamps on all night in the living room in case i wake up and need to check for intruders. please tell me i'm not the only one who turns into a baby for one night alone?????

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