Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days - Listen

Students ask Cody all of the time "so what do you do all week?!" as if he's just sitting at home waiting for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings so he can "do his job." The fact of it is that ministers are actually spending a whole heck of a lot of time prepping material to teach to you! Just yesterday Cody preached a sermon asking the question "Do you want to get paid now or later?" His idea for this sermon actually stemmed from a run he took back in July. July y'all! Three months he's been thinking through this idea, praying over it and piecing together just the right things to say. There is nothing worse than prepping for a message that you are really passionate about and then seeing your audience totally check out during the service.

I get it y'all. I've sat through some preaching that was not my preferred style and felt like I was going to fall asleep on the spot.  I walked away from those mornings and  could not tell you one thing that was said as a part of the sermon. At the time, I would have blamed it on bad preaching, but as I've gotten older, I realize that I play the greatest part in what I get out of a sermon. Yes, there are totally going to be some ministers that you will connect with better and find it much easier to learn from their lessons. Whether it's your style or not, you still have to take responsibility for your part: bring your Bible and a notebook and try to actively pay attention. Take notes, write down questions that come up,  and try to engage the sermon in a way that will carry on through out your week.


As a Children's Minister, I'm pretty lucky that the majority of my sermons only has to be about two minutes long. It's totally easy to hold the kids [and the adults!] attention for that long.  I'll never forget one Saturday when we were at a community play and I met a new person and told him what my job was and he said, "That's how I know you! We watch on TV.  (pointing at Griffin) How's his toe jam?"*   It was totally a reference to a children's sermon I did MONTHS ago, sometime in March. I was floored that he remembered and it totally made my day.

I know, if preachers used toe jam as an example more often you would probably remember their sermons too :) There's no pop quiz at the end of a sermon waiting to see how much you took in, but try this Sunday to actively listen to your minister. You'll bless them and I bet you'll be blessed in return.


*and in case you're curious, I did a children's sermon over griffin falling into the lake.  I talked about how I gave him a bath and he looked clean on the outside, but I realized later that he still had stinky toe jam hiding where I couldn't see it. Yes, I even brought "toe jam" for the kids to smell.  I then related it to them that when we sin, other people might not know it and we may still look clean on the outside, but we are just stinky jam on the inside until we ask for God's forgiveness. It got a good rise out of the kids and apparently made an impact with the adults too!

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