Thursday, October 16, 2014

31 Days - House Sit


Honestly, there’s no slow time of the year for youth ministry. When school is going, there’s always some game, concert, play or any other manner of extra curricular activity going that we need to be at.  Summer is it’s own type of busyness though, and between camps, mission trips and other fun stuff going on with the kids, you can very quickly get behind on life when you have to leave for a week here and there every other week.

Here’s a great free way to bless your minister. Pay attention to when you hear your ministers announcing trip dates.  (you might need to know those dates because your kids will be with them!)  If you’re still going to be in town while they’re gone, offer to house sit/ water flowers/ check on pets while they’re gone!  I know we have a ton of people in our church who would be more than willing to swing by and check on our house for us, but sometimes I get too worried that I’ll be inconveniencing them by asking. In case your minister is the same way, take that pressure off of them by offering before they ever even think to ask anybody!

If you want to go one step further too, last summer our friends mowed our lawn for us while we were gone with our last week of camp. I’m sure it was partially because I was so tired from camp, but I think I cried because I was so touched by it!


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