Monday, September 8, 2014

Let It Rain

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of something and go,  "what was I thinking?!"

Last May I volunteered to be the Childcare Coordinator on the Steering Committee for our MOPS group. Despite the fact that everyone kinda looked at me like I was crazy when I took it because it is one of the more time intensive positions, I really felt like God was leading me to it. If I'm being honest, I was intrigued by the thought of finally helping to be in charge of something again; to be able to show some initiative and  go-get-um that isn't really required for a SAHM.  I may have even told Cody that it would be good for me to do something volunteer wise to help pad my resume in my off years from working.

Funny, because then I got the [perfect for me] part time job without ever evening show my resume.  Now we're in back in the trenches of the school year and between my ministry stuff, cody's ministry stuff that griff and I like to go to and MOPS on fridays, we have about one day at home. I've spent a few stress filled, sleepless nights asking God "What is the lesson in this for me this year?" [it seems to sound a little more mature than WHY ME?!?!?!?!?!?] 

I haven't actually gotten an answer yet. I've handled the silence much like a four year old would in the car waiting to know "are we there yet?"  It's not the answer, but I have been reminded that it's not my turn anymore. I came to MOPS in April of 2013 and it was such a relief to my bitter working mom soul. I'm not saying that it's always perfect, but I've been able to form friendships that bless me every week. I know because of my Steering Committee position I probably won't get to spend as much time with our MOPS members during the meetings, but I'm prayerful that friendships will bloom while moms know their kids are being taken care of.

Yesterday at church my children's sermon was over James 5:16 - the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. I was able to use rain as the example. We'd actually prayed for rain in the kid's service Wednesday night and God delivered on Saturday and Sunday, a major answer here in Texas. We have a chance for more rain this week and I encouraged the kids that when we pray, for rain or a sick person or any other thing, we need to carry around our umbrella and wait expectantly for the Lord to rain down our answer. 

waiting expectantly

It may take me the full school year to learn what my lesson is in what all has been put on my plate this year.  I've got my umbrella ready and waiting for the answer though. 

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