Thursday, May 1, 2014

Your Summer PSA

WARNING: This post contains graphic information that cannot be unseen. If you prefer to remain blissfully unaware of the shocking caloric count of Sonic's Summer of Shakes, close this browser now. If you choose to continue on, God bless you. 


Two years ago, during the height of the Texas heat and my every growing belly, Sonic saved the day when they started the "Summer of Shakes" which provided half-price shakes after 8 p.m.  For a measly $2.50, Cody and I could enjoy a small, cold, sweet treat which, if I'm being honest, we consumed quite frequently and carried me through the last trimester of my pregnancy.  Then it was over and we mourned the loss of the shakes, but we moved on.

Low and behold, in April 2013, Sonic once again brought back the Summer of Shakes.  Which, on one hand, was ridiculous because it was April and clearly spring time, but who were we to argue with them? It was also about the same time that we were all back together in the same town and I was enjoying my new lifestyle as a SAHM. For some reason Cody and I got in the habit of celebrating quite frequently, only this time we somehow made the jump up to a medium treat. I mean, $3.25 for the two of us... relaxing together after a long day.... what more does one need?

Fast forward to April 2014. We're talking with a few youth group moms about the shakes and she texts me later to let me know they had officially kicked off the Summer of Shakes again. Cody was basically looking for every opportunity for us to celebrate again with shakes. Now, I've been trying to work out and watch calories. On this particular day I knew I had about 300-400 extra calories left in my day so it sounded like a great chance to splurge. 

I used my phone to look up the nutritional information just so I would know what to put into My Fitness Pal. I knew in my heart that I didn't really want to know, but I couldn't help but look.  Y'all, my heart was so right. I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW

(look away now peeps if you don't want your heart broken.) 

A mini shake* (as in, so teeny tiny who even wants to waste a breath on that one sip shake) is

The medium shake, which I can't even possibly begin to count how many I consumed last summer is 
ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY CALORIES.  Like, almost as many calories as I probably should be eating in one entire day, downed in 30 minutes.

I truly could not believe it was that many calories. It not only will help curb my cravings for a shake over the summer, yet also answers the question as to why I might have gained some weight last summer... So people, consider yourselves warned about the summer of shakes. Learn from my expanded hips to indulge carefully!**

*this calorie count is for the coconut cream pie shake, which was a little higher than some of the others, but most were within 50 calories of each other for the mini and 100 calories for the medium. 

** Or maybe you are so tiny that you need for your hips to expand. if so, we might not be able to be friends, but here's your answer. best of luck as your take on the summer of shake challenge.

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  1. Oh. My. GOSH. Whaaaattttt?!?!??!?! Holy crap!!!! I definitely indulged in a shake or 20 last summer. PB & fudge is my jam, though. Which...I just looked up...and hello 1200+ calories in the medium!!!! I can't decide whether I should thank you or shun you for enlightening me about this situation. Either way, I'm incredibly sad now...AND I CAN'T GO GET A SHAKE TO CHEER MYSELF UP!!!!!


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