Monday, May 5, 2014

Diaper Overload

We were so blessed to have Cody's previous work place throw us a diaper shower after Griffin was born. They went over and beyond and blessed us with diapers and wipes for a full year. It was fantastic. We've since been buying them on our own and yeah, it is just not fun.  I might as well be taking my $25 and flushing it down the toilet, because that's basically what we're doing.

Saturday night I receive a text from my friend Sarah informing me of a crazy deal that a friend passed along to her.  Dollar General had Pampers Baby Dry Diapers on sale for $9, all counts and sizes, that expired on Saturday night. Now, the ad shows a small pack, but it's key that it says all counts and sizes, because that means you can take that ad to Walmart to get it price matched.


Which is exactly how I found myself at Walmart for the first time at 9:00 on Saturday night. I was a little anxious as to if they would actually do it, but figured it was worth a shot to try! I basically bought out the big boxes of size 5 and 6 diapers. Now, these boxes retail for $38.94 a piece. For the sake of keeping this long story somewhat shorter, they did price match the boxes for me. For my first round I ended up getting 7 boxes of diapers worth $270 for $68. Even as I was leaving I questioned as if I should buy some more in smaller sizes for someday, but decided I'd gotten enough.

(my first haul)

Once I got home though Sarah texted and said that her Walmart wouldn't honor the deal. I was still questioning if I should get more, so I told her I would pick up some for her. I checked our home stash to see if we had any Walmart cards just in case, grabbed two from the drawer and headed back out. That's how I ended up at Walmart for the second time on Saturday night at 9:30. I load up TWELVE boxes of the smaller sizes (basically every big box they had left) and head up to check out. The cashier saw me there the first time and headed to get a manager. A different manager than the first one who did it for me the first time came up and said they could not take my online ad but needed the paper ad to prove that it was a local sale and that we have that store in our area. This was quite infuriating as Dollar General is right down the street from Walmart. I was totally mad, but headed out to DG in hope of them having an ad outside of the store. No such luck. Sarah and I were texting back and forth when she informed me that Walmart's website says that no ad is even required for the price match, which made me even more mad at the manager. I talked it over with Cody as if I should go back for the third time and we figured it was worth the money to try it just in case.  

I am now at Walmart for the third time at 10 p.m. on Saturday night. (I know, I have such a cool life!) Geared up and ready to (nicely) argue that they should honor the price match again without a paper ad based off of their website.  After waiting around for 20 mins for the second "I need the paper ad" manager to come up, a third manager comes up to me to see what I need help with. I explain the situation again, show my ads again, and show him what I need to buy. Obviously word was getting around about me, because he had just called a higher up to double check on the policy and said they would be able to honor it again for me. At this point the second manager walks up, ready to argue, when the third manager corrected him and quickly causing him to change his tune.

For my second time to check out, 12 boxes of diapers should have cost me $467, but I got it for $116. I told the girl I had a couple of gift cards to try but I wasn't even sure they had anything on it. She tries the first card and after a few swipes, it takes ten dollars off. I hand her the next card. She swipes it again and we wait for my total to come up... $6. The gift card had $100 on it!

And that folks, it how I got $740 of diapers for $74!

Now if we can only find a place to store them!


Moral of the story: if you have a Walmart and Dollar General/Family Dollar  in your town, check their ads for open ended wording on ads (all counts and sizes was the key.) Catch these key words on their ad and then enjoying saving yourself bookoos of money!


  1. HOLY COW.

    That's awesome!!!! I'm just praying Isaac will show interest in peepeeing on the potty soon (doubtful!!!!).... buying diapers is the pits.

  2. That is INSANE!!!! You could probably build an addition on to your house (to store the diapers, of course) with all the cash you saved!!! Dang woman!! That is ridic!!!

  3. Wouldn't this not be possible because it does specify a size? It says "Jumbo" quite clearly in the ad (Jumbo being a size!), so only Jumbo size packs (varying counts with each size) should have been able to be price matched...

    Did your store not care? I'm jealous, but it should have not been able to be done 'cause a size was technically listed....


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