Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a very busy yet wonderful Easter weekend. Our church hosted an EggOlympics as an outreach event for families in our town. Even though Cody and I would spend most of the time working it, my family decided to come in for the day so we could spend a little time together for Easter.  While it was great to get to spend time with my family, unfortunately Griff was suffering with a sinus infection and wasn't his usually fun self.

Jax Man was a cutie out in full force though:

We didn't do a whole lot of Easter festivities around our house because Griff wasn't feeling the best, but I did manage to let him dye eggs... which basically was playing with shaving cream! He LOVED this and playing with shaving creme will become a regular activity around these parts.

(if you haven't seen this activity floating around pinterest, you swirl food coloring into shaving cream, roll your eggs in it, let them sit and dry for at least 10 minutes then wipe the cream off. be warned: wear gloves and probably no clothes for your little one, as it does stain your hands!)

Griff was feeling slightly better on Sunday, probably because he was looking like such a stud.

Mom was in tears thinking about how much things changed in a year.

(he is actually wearing the same shirt too after a mishap where our new easter outfit ended up going back home to lubbock with my bother. oops!) 

We had such a great service at church that was a wonderful celebration of what Easter is really about, followed by a fancy meal at Chicken Express, said good bye to my parents and finished up our weekend with a much needed nap.

How was your  Easter weekend?
(even though I'm so late it's practically the weekend again!)

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